Honey, I’d rather you didn’t call….

Agree with your partner about the best time to call each other, especially in the office.

We all know that communication is necessary in every relationship. Besides face to face communication, the other most common mode is through telephone, to be specific, the mobile phone. It is a valuable too you need to talk to each other but are miles apart. The telephone is important, yes, but it can also cause a rift in your relationship, especially when misused.

It is important for every person in a relationship and we are also talking about marriage here, to be sensitive about when and how often to call their significant other because using the telephone carelessly could brew trouble for the two partners.

Calling at work

It is romantic to call your partner at work, “just because”. It tells them that you are missing them. However sweet your intentions might be, some careers or jobs do not allow employees to take “just because” calls.

A sensitive person will take the initiative to find out just how demanding his or her partner’s job is; otherwise the call will be a nuisance. Better still, find out the best time to call or send a text message.

When your call goes unanswered

When a call goes unanswered, most people’s reaction is to hit the roof, convinced that he or she has deliberately ignored your call. He could be in a meeting or it may simply not be the right time to call, do not insist on calling back, again and again – it is annoying.

When he finally calls back, your first question should not be, “why didn’t you pick my call?” accusations only make one defensive, and will get your blood pressure up for nothing.

Be cordial and pleasant, and if you must, ask him or her why your phone call went unanswered much later. If you’re one of those people tempted to make repeated phone calls to your partner, maybe it’s time you ask yourself whether you’re busy enough.

Some things to remember

Avoid calling during working hours unless it is absolutely necessary. Some employers frown on their employees spending too much time on the telephone, especially if their work does not just a lot of phone time. One of the ways out would be to agree with your spouse on the time to call each other, such as over lunch hour.

It is also good manners to call when you say s that you will call. It inspires trust and says that you are committed to the relationship and that you are a man, or woman, of your world.

Author: Sir Gunda

A Friend of Education

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