English Teaching Methods – I


  1. A teacher can use pictures in the presentation of the lesson. Mention two functions of pictures in the teaching process.
  2. Write two activities in brief the teacher can use to develop listening skill.
  3. A structure lesson has its stages to follow when. What are they?
  4. Marking students work is very important. What are the reasons for marking? Mention 4 reasons.
  5. Why do we insist to make teaching aids from local materials? Give two reasons.
  6. Name 4 early reading activities.
  7. Mention 4 styles of reading.
  8. What are the differences between controlled composition and guided composition?
  9. Outline aims of teaching writing.


10. The teacher wants to teach prepositions onin and under. Briefly explain how the teacher is going to conduct the lesson especially on activities of the teacher and pupils in the presentation stage.

11. Prepare a lesson in order to teach a comprehension lesson in class V.


12. Briefly explain the indicators which an assessor can note to the teacher who present a lesson using Non-participatory Method of teaching.

13. Concept building is necessary to teaching and learning process. For each of the words below suggest what the teacher can do to enable pupils get concept.

a. Run
b. Sun
c. Elephant
d. Eat
e. Cry
f. Bus

14. Explain how you could teach each of the following words to standard III class; Cup, Angry, House and Chair.

15. State five activities which can be used by the teacher in letter writing activities.


Author: Sir Gunda

A Friend of Education

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