English Teaching Methods – II


  1. Define a Method.
  2. Methods of teaching have been categorized into two major groups. What are they?
  3. State four (4) objectives of English methods course for certificate teachers’ course.
  4. What is a Technique?
  5. Briefly explain what you know by the terminology curriculum materials.
  6. Name four (4) curriculum materials.
  7. What are the components of the syllabus?
  8. What is the importance of the scheme of work to the teachers?
  9. In evaluating curriculum materials ‘relevance’ is one of the aspects to be considered to approve the use of the curriculum material. Why is it an important aspect as far as curriculum materials are concerned?


10. Teaching is not something you can do without preparations. Briefly explain things you need to prepare yourself before you go to teach.

11. The teacher wants to teach comprehension which is among reading topics. Books for reading a passage are not enough for the pupils. Suggest possible ways to overcome this problem.

12. Write a lesson plan of a topic of your choice to teach standard V.


13. The teacher who teaches the lesson using non participatory methods of teaching his/her pupils are likely to face some problems in their learning. Discuss.

14. In your teaching it is very important to motivate your learners. Explain briefly ways of motivating your learners.


Author: Sir Gunda

A Friend of Education

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