The world is actually started to sing

Sing for me

Sing it, Loud and Clear.
over the wreckage of your dreams
an old house, but your home still
with the guitar left, baring all the unclear
all the hidden behind a smile
all the pain in a falling tear

Sing it, loud and clear
to the unknown, to the concealed
reaching to the unheard
make it true, make it real
stand still, play your song
and be free

In a sad world,
scream, your body is heavy
your heart is afraid
scream, unbound your soul
you still can be pleased

Scream, Loud and Clear
to the distant spheres
for the others, to feel the guilt
of accepting, their slavery fields
scream, Live Free

Sing more,  as it’s to breath
keep the love.
Sing it,  keep it real
Sing a song of the revolution freemen to be.

By Saladin Abuhamdieh

Author: Sir Gunda

A Friend of Education

Usikae kimia sema kitu juu ya nukuu hizi

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