All Children are not equal!

A child’s capacity to function depends on his age. As a child grows older, apart from physical development, there is development in his psyche as well.

Psychic development is more important than physical growth as its results will reflect in the child’s conduct and manners throughout his life.

All Children nee love
Mwalimu wa Elimu ya Awali anapaswa awe na mvuto wa kutosha wa kupenda kufundisha shule ya awali.

All children are not equal. The environment of the child’s upbringing very much influences his development. The conduct of other members of family, the happenings around him, all affect his mind.

Even within the same age group, every child reacts differently to similar situations depending on the way he has been brought up.

However, one thing is commonly evident among all children; all need affection and love.

Author: Sir Gunda

A Friend of Education

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