1. Write the following sentences correctly.

( a ) John is talking to her sister

( b ) A lion eat meat

( c ) Mariamu has forgot the answer

( d ) Neither Juma nor Peter are going to school

  1. Write the following sentences in singular form

( a ) The boys are reading books

( b ) We are going to the market

( c ) The girls have stolen oranges

( d ) The black snakes are dangerous to us

  1. Write two activities which you can use to develop each of the following skills

( a ) listening skill

( b ) reading skill

  1. Construct four sentences using “who” as a relative pronoun
  2. Write short notes on the following terms as far as teaching and learning are concerned.

( a ) Reflection stage

( b ) Consolidation stage

  1. Put question tags to the following sentences

( a ) You haven’t closed the window,

( b ) She ate some rice,

( c ) The boys study hard,

( d ) We can sweep the floor,

  1. Mention four problems the teacher may face if he/she teaches English in primary schools.
  • ( a ) What is the meaning of the term “Role play”

  • ( b ) Name three objectives of teaching academic for the teacher certificate course

    in primary education

    1. Mention two roles of literary work in the society.
  • Mention four elements which are found in traditions as far as literature is concerned.


    SECTION B  ( 30 MARKS)

    1. Explain the importance of teaching and learning English as a foreign language.
  • Describe briefly principles relevance, integration of language skills and appropriate methods and techniques of teaching as among important principles of English language teaching and learning.

  • Write an essay of about 250 words about a day you will never forget.

  • Traditions in African societies have been undermining women rights. From the reading Three Suitors One Husband verify this statement.



    1. Suggest and explain five ways which can help to solve problems of teaching English in primary schools.

    2. Discuss briefly five ways the teacher can use to help pupils to speak English if they are scared of speaking it.

    3. Teachers should use teaching aids in teaching and learning process. Briefly explain the importance of using teaching aids for teaching/learning processes.

    4. In teaching the teacher has to set two objectives in his/her lesson. Discuss them to show their similarity and difference.

    Author: Sir Gunda

    A Friend of Education


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