Apply today for International Youth Camp Project – UVIKIUTA Tanzania (Chamazi Mbagala)

Dear friends!

We would like to share with you Youth camps opportunities available. We are looking for young men and women form the age of 16-30 to participate in these projects.

Youth camps involve individuals and groups of youth who volunteer and live together on a project identified by a local community or a project working with that community.


This is a personal-building experience, a journey not only through the geography of our planet, but also a Journey through the several cultures of our world, a self-discovering journey.

The program aim at bringing together Youth from different cultures and backgrounds, promoting through practical actions, mutual understanding and lasting peace. It is a practical tool to demonstrate that living, working together and sharing knowledge is not only possible but rewarding.

In the Youth camps we see the possibility of people to exchange experiences, learn more about other social, cultural, political and living conditions.

Youth camps seek to provide an experience that connects service, culture, professional and personal growth. While the service we offer does improve the quality of life for others, it is equally important as a time to reflect on our own lives.

The significance of what we do is more than social charity; it is an encounter with real people in the real world. Projects go beyond the familiar road of commercial society, taking us outside of our comfort zones so that we can spend our time in someone else’s shoes.

By working with people in various cultures, we learn to recognize the world we all share.  We realize that our lives are interconnected and that our stories have common threads. Moreover by serving others we discover ourselves and better understand our own values and responsibilities as global citizen.

Please find attached information, we are looking forward to receive application from you and your family members, friends and neighbors. Please do not keep this information. Share to your networks.

Thank you,

Ben Mongi

Program Coordinator- UVIKIUTA


Download Project Information Sheet here: Youth Camps 2017

Download Application Form Here: Youth Camps Application form

Author: Sir Gunda

A Friend of Education

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